Basement Drywalling


Is your basement almost finished aside from the drywall and finishing touches?

There is no shortage of Atlanta Georgia homes with unfinished basements and they leave a huge amount of untapped potential space in every single household.  Finishing off your basement is almost like doubling the size of your home.  Many basements are so closed to being finished, they are already framed, have plumbing and electrical in place they just need the drywall to be finished.

Kingray Remodeling is a full service home remodeling contractor based out of Atlanta, Georgia. One of our core home improvement services is finishing the drywall that was left “unfinished” by previous DIY basement remodeling projects or even the unfinished work of a shady contractor. We can measure out your project, bring the drywall in and hang it, tape it up, and then sand and mud until perfection.

Basement Drywall Finishing Atlanta, Georgia

  • Drywall Finishing
  • Drywall Taping
  • Complicated Drywall Projects
  • Drywall Painting
  • Skim Coating

We won’t just hang and finish the drywall in your basement we can also paint it for you too. If you have a set color scheme in mind or you’d like us to help you with a color consultation our finishing experts will be able to help you make a great decision.

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